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Planning- Are You Putting Pen to Paper? 

Posted By: Brad Schow July 18, 2017 4:46 pm
07-18-2017 15:46


In my work with hundreds of owners, entrepreneurs and fellow leaders refining their business plans and ideas, I’ve found there are a few conclusions that apply to every situation.  One is that communicating what you’re thinking is much harder than it seems.  For example, during StratOp sessions, thoughts are crystalized into words and written on big charts, which then wallpaper the room.  The reasoning behind this is that thoughts put on paper “cement” the ideas — so they are not spoken into existence only to disappear into the ether.  If ideas are not written down, they are left to the brain chemistry of the people in the room to recall and act upon. From experience, I know that is a bad plan.

At HTG, we are currently reworking our planning methodology; making it simpler to get started and logically tying the plans together to increase the likelihood they will be acted upon.  The Legacy Plan built in Q2 will be the basis for the HTG Life Plan we build in Q3.  What do you need to do this year to move you closer to accomplishing the personal side of your Legacy Plan?  I am willing to bet that if you don’t get it down on paper, you will struggle to remember, your group will struggle to hold you accountable, and we risk wasting a year. Instead of deliberately working toward your ultimate goals, you end up with something closer to the “feather on the breeze” scene from Forrest Gump.

The one-page HTG Life Plan is great for many of us.  It crystalizes our thoughts, gets them on paper and is the start of making them real.  For some of us, our current situation has too much “life” to it and we struggle to discern what we really want from life.  Usually, this happens in two places.  The first is when you’re stuck in a rut.  The rut can get deep enough so that you can’t see over the edges.  You realize there is probably more out there but you can’t see past the groove you’re currently in.  The second is when you’re undergoing a major turning point and you lose perspective on what grounds you in the first place.  With either extreme, getting outside help to regain perspective and setting a course of action to lead you to your end goal is invaluable.  That is why we offer a facilitated LifePlan™ process to help individuals or couples build a robust life plan.   

Whether you’re doing your own one-page version, or choose to engage in the LifePlan™ process our HTG transform team offers, I encourage you to slow down, think through and build a plan that will move you towards your legacy in the next year.  We’ll be helping you with the one-page version in Q3.  If you want to talk because you’re stuck in the rut or experiencing a major turning point, let me know at and we’ll chat through how we can help.


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