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Posted By: Arlin Sorensen May 16, 2017 8:40 pm
05-16-2017 19:40

Legacy. A simple word. But those six letters may contain more meaning and impact than any other word in the English language. It is deep and wide and has the potential to revolutionize and transform your life and business. At HTG, we call this a keystone value – the value that ignites transformation in every area of your business and life. So what is legacy? Steven Covey gives us a simple yet profound statement: “Begin with the end in mind.” When we look through the lens of legacy, we make choices intentionally because we understand that today impacts tomorrow. What do you want the result of your life, leadership and business to be? Once we know the destination, we can begin to paint a vision, define strategies, build milestones, define tasks and create accountability so we achieve it. But until we take time to truly define where we are headed – what our end game looks like – at best we’re wandering and hoping we somehow get to the goal. The legacy plan is one of the four plans that HTG has been focused on for the past decade. Legacy is so important because done well, it truly guides all other parts of life. It will direct the outcome of our: • Life Plan – how we live day to day and keep first things first • Leadership Plan – how we engage people day to day • Business Plan – how we manage our company and the outcomes we seek to achieve These four plans are not disconnected and independent. All are deeply connected. Any goals we set should be part of one of the plans. Since legacy doesn’t happen at death, but is created as we live, a life plan is really a one year view of how we will live during the next 12 months to move closer to our desired legacy. That legacy view should include our personal life and business – we need to consider and be intentional about both. There are five domains we recommend you consider as you ponder what your legacy can be: • Personal: This is the domain of self. It includes your physical, intellectual, emotional health and pursuits. • Family: This domain includes spouse, children, parents, and possibly extended family members. • Vocation: This is the domain of work or career. • Spiritual: This is the domain in which a person relates to God or to a higher power. • Community: This is the domain in which a person gives back to society at large. It may include friendships, neighbors, local community organizations, church, possibly extended family, your HTG group, etc. These are suggested domains, but feel free to personalize your legacy domains to fit you. The key is to be intentional in thinking about what you want the impact of your life and business to be. Each of us will leave a legacy, whether we plan for it or not. It is far better for us to be intentional than let the chips fall where they may. Unintentional legacy often doesn’t leave those you love and care about with anything close to your desire. You have the opportunity to give the greatest gift of love and care to those in your patch through a well done legacy plan. Are you committed to doing that? HTG will help. We have lots of resources and tools. It is a big job, but as with all things that are overwhelming, the way to succeed is ‘do the next thing.’ Take one small step forward on your legacy journey. It will be the best investment of your time you can make!

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