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What Are We Doing with the Perspective We Are Gathering? 

Posted By: Whitney Pearce March 14, 2017 7:32 pm
03-14-2017 18:32

By Kevin Gibson, Director Tranformational Services

Last December in my yearly update, I talked about data gathering efforts that ConnectWise had begun with HTG members. As of Q3 2016, we have collect feedback about what is right, wrong, confusing and missing from nine different HTG groups. We will continue to gather and evaluate this data as the year moves along and hope to get feedback from another 4-6 groups in Dallas, TX in May.

As we move forward with this effort, the next natural question is, “So what are you going to do with this information?” All of the data has been combined into a single document and broken down by comment type, what group provided the feedback, when the feedback was collected, and the ConnectWise department or business unit that the comment was directed at.

In reviewing the data, I looked for similar comments across groups to help start group discussions and act upon the feedback received. We are now actively meeting to provide answers where we can do so right away, prioritize the items that appear to be the most important—based on the number of comments on a particular area—and are working to provide you a schedule for completion by department or business unit.

My desire is that each of our groups can address one or two items per quarter so that you begin to see a cross-company response to the feedback you have provided. As soon as I have completed the internal meetings, I will be making all of the data available to members via the ConnectWise HUB page so that you can see the items that have had priority set and the estimated completion time on those items.

On Wednesday morning of the Q2 meeting, we will have a special 8:00 am session entitled “ConnectWise – What’s New and What’s Coming” where we will provide a high-level recap of what we have collected and are acting on for the coming quarter.
Thanks so much for your continued commitment to ConnectWise. We look forward to gathering more perspective from you in May.

Kevin Gibson
Director Transformational Services

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