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  • Get Prepared for Q2!

    Greetings Evolve!
    Hope this finds everyone doing well. As you all know, the security landscape in our industry continues to be a topic of significant focus and attention. In light of this, I wanted to let you all know about an addition we have to Community Day at the North America Q2 Meeting in Dallas Wednesday May 11th. 

    You may remember the Cybersecurity Roundtable Panel we conducted last year at the Q3 meeting in Denver.  This quarter we are hosting a follow-up to that session.  During this panel, the Security Leadership from ConnectWise sharing will be sharing relevant updates to our efforts to harden our products as well as outlining all the tools and resources available to you to help in your own security efforts.

    This meeting will begin at 1pm on Community Day, May 11th, in the Stemmons ballroom and will last an hour. We will be giving details to the upcoming launch of Security Peer Groups that are in the works among other enablement resources. If you can attend, I'm sure you will find it informative. For more insight into this session and what we have in store during Q2, check out the discussion I had with Brad Schow in the video above.

    For our partners in APAC and EMEA, the session will be recorded and know that any offerings that we deliver in North America, we are constantly evaluating the feasibility and interest in your local areas. If you have interest in Security groups please contact Dan Scott, or Stuart Applegate

    As a final reminder, please get those Legacy plans updated prior to our Q2 meetings and be prepared to let your peers know where your life and business are headed as you share your updates.  

    Thanks for being a part of this special community!

    - Andre

  • Method to the Magic

    Hello Evolve Community,

    We finally put an endcap on our Q1 meetings as the EMEA people completed their fashionably late meetings. I am proud to report that they set a post shutdown record with a whopping 98% in person attendance! I thank you all for your bounce back effort and have heard nothing but good things about your time together. You all have set the attendance standard for the rest of the year! Let’s keep it going in Dublin for Q2.

    Today we introduce Dan and Valerie Cockrell who will be making the rounds at Community Day in each Geo starting with Dallas in Q2. The Cockrell’s own a Customer Experience consulting practice and are former Disney colleagues who opened Disney Paris back in the day. They teach a Customer Experience framework that transcends industry and assist companies in creating a unique customer experience permeating every aspect of the client interaction.

    Dan and Valerie will be running an informative and interactive hands-on workshop at Q2 titled “Method to the Magic.” In preparation for the workshop, they recommend pulling your team together and gaining perspective on what is working and what is not from a customer experience standpoint. 

    In addition to reviewing Customer Sat data, it might be helpful to brainstorm this topic with a Four Helpful List. (download the template here). Please make sure you register and attend this session when they are in your geo.

    A final reminder as we look forward to Q2 - review your legacy plans and be prepared to discuss your current life or business changes that your group needs to know to give you good advice. We are only a few short weeks away so make the time count.

    Thank you so much for being a part of Evolve!

    - Andre  

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