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What Are You Missing From Your Leadership Plan?: The Top Three Focus Areas 


Posted By: Arlin Sorensen February 20, 2019 2:19 pm
02-20-2019 13:19

IT Nation Evolve focuses on a framework of four plans to help the companies we serve continually advance in four key success areas:  Legacy (Business and Personal), Life, Leadership and Business.  Each of those plans is reviewed quarterly, and in Q1, our focus is on the Leadership Plan. 


There are three key areas that every leader (and every one of us is a leader) needs to have a plan for and be working to develop. 


The Leadership Plan addresses two of these areas:

  1. My personal leadership – each leader should identify one or two key leadership areas they are going to work to improve and grow over the next 12 months.  What do I need to learn to become a better leader?
  2. My leadership team – each leader should have individual and team leadership development goals and plans to help build the organization and move it further in leadership growth.  What will I do with each individual, and the team as a whole, to continue to build our leadership muscle as an organization?


The third area is the most over-looked but arguably one of the most important: My 2iC (second in command) – each leader should identify an individual who is capable of filling their shoes, and have a plan on how they will prepare them to be a great ‘first-follower’ who can step in and replace them if necessary.  Who will I invest in to create my replacement?


Underdeveloped leadership is often a blocker to company growth and ultimately success.  Download the Leadership Plan and 2iC planning documents to keep moving the ball down the leadership field.

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