Upcoming Webinars

The Guaranteed Customer Experience
(Jeff Toister)

NA/EMEA Webinar
Sept. 29, 11:00 AM EST


What if you could guarantee your customers an amazing experience—and then deliver on that promise every time?

This entertaining and informative presentation presented by Jeff Toister turns the concept of a guarantee on its head. An experience guarantee goes beyond merely warrantying a product against defects. It encompasses the entire customer journey to promise an experience that never falls short of expectations.

Get an inside look at how leading organizations use experience guarantees to fuel customer-driven growth. Learn the real reasons people love these companies and remain loyal customers. Discover how brands, products, and even individual employees use experience guarantees to stand out from the competition.

  • Discover what truly motivates customers to buy from you.
  • Identify three steps to offering an experience guarantee.
  • Root out service failures that cause customer churn.